Before "Locks of Love" cut
jill before Cutting hair for locks of love 

Before HotHeads HairWear hairpiece or topper

Before HairWear installation. 

after dried smoothout and before extensions

Before HotHeads Extension Installation

Shrink Link extensions

During Keratin Shrink Link Installation

After "Locks of Love" cut
After a Locks of Love haircut

After "Locks of Love" cut, another view
After a Locks of Love haircut

Most recent ~ with her Natural curl
Natural curl and low lights with Pravana color

HairWearHair piece or topper.

After HairWear installation

HotHeads HairWear Hair Piece
or topper

Another view of the Hairwear installation

After Extension installation

After HotHeads Extension Installation
After Extension installation

Blonde Ombre and Style at Studio 117 by Kelly Nance

After Ombre & Style
Smoothout and Blonde Ombre

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